We have prevented over 1000 people from UNKNOWINGLY drink driving.

Sensible Solutions are a professional alcohol breath testing service for corporate events in the UK. Using high quality, Home Office approved equipment and fully trained staff, we provide a unique, memorable service similar to the Police roadside test to businesses keen to demonstrate their commitment to corporate social responsibility.

We mainly operate the morning after large events where the clientele are in hotels for the night. Our target market are individuals that would not knowingly drink drink however unaware of the alcohol still in their body the following morning.

The last thing on many people’s minds on a night out, or the morning after, is the amount of alcohol in their systems. Nobody likes to be preached to, so we operate in a way that has been developed not to. Rather, our attendance at an event helps raise awareness of drink driving in a non-threatening way and provides a simple and informative service to those people who wish to take part.

Simply by being there we can help people think twice before getting behind the wheel.