BLOW-ME that’s a good idea! (PRESS RELEASE)


Blow-Me is a professional alcohol breath testing service for corporate events in the UK. Using high quality, Home Office approved equipment and fully trained staff, we provide a unique, memorable service similar to the Police roadside test to businesses keen to demonstrate their commitment to corporate social responsibility epically the topic of drink driving.

Since our launch two years ago we have stopped over 1000 people from unknowingly drink driving after events all over Europe. We are booked mainly the morning after corporate events when employees / clients are staying in hotels, from a recent staff event of 300 people 74 said the morning after they felt ‘hung-over but ok to drive’ after testing them nearly 30% were still over the limit at 9am. These employees were all about to get into company cars to drive home.

If you are holding an event this year please consider hiring us.
As already mentioned we are booked at the end of events and provide an alcohol breath testing service similar to the Police roadside test.
Of course, nobody likes to be preached to, so Blow Me has been developed to help raise awareness of drink driving in a non-threatening way and provide a simple and informative service to those people who wish to take part. Simply by being there we can help people think twice before getting behind the wheel as evidenced by our recent successes with Cadburys-Schweppes.

We have worked for a large number of companies ranging from large corporate companies: Cadburys Schweppes PLC and Honda through to the action packed events organizers like the Cannonball Run Europe and Kochu Events.
We have worked in venues from the NEC at a private party to a hotel reception in Bratislava, Slovakia.

If you are holding an event this year which has alcohol present please get in touch to find out what steps you can take demonstrate a strong socially responsible image and prevent your staff from UNKNOWINGLY drink driving.

Contact us for more information on 0800 0380 131

Another Press Cutting

1000 corporate people stopped from drink driving!

Sam Rose the director of the alcohol breath testing company BLOW-ME has just announced that the company has hit a major milestone in corporate responsibility.
So far this year the Blow-Me team has prevented 1000 corporate employees from unknowingly drink driving the morning after events across the UK. The innovative service which is carried out in the same way as a Police roadside breath test informs people of their breath alcohol content within seconds. Sam Rose from Blow-ME said ‘every business strives to present a socially responsible image, our service makes that image concrete and adds a unique talking point to an event’