We have worked in over 17 countries and tested thousands of people.

We have worked with a wide range of clients from corporate companies at sales conferences and annual events to track days, student unions, festivals and automotive rallies.

Alcohol breath testing in Bratislava

Bratislava, Slovakia

Alcohol breath testing in Bratislava hired by www.cannonballruneurope.co.uk to make sure everyone has no alcohol in their systems the morning after an evening event.

Raceday Alcohol breath testing

Rockingham Raceway, Northamptonshire, UK

Corporate day at Rockingham Raceway.

Alcohol screening at Earls Court event

Earls Court, London

The alcohol breath testing stand proved popular with the Storm Troopers!

Motorsport event in Budapest

Budapest, Hungary

Another driver passes the ‘morning after’ breath test. Many drivers were unsure if they were still over the limit.

University breath testing


Hired by a London University to raise awareness of the effects of  alcohol and how it effects each individual differently.

Trackday alcohol testing

Nurburgring, Germany

Hired by RMA Trackdays Ltd and Sponsored by CG LOCK (http://www.cg-lock.co.uk/) we tested the drivers including the world class racing driver Sabine.

Breathalysing drivers in brussells

Cannonball 8000, Brussells

Hotel lobby in Brussels Hired by www.cannonball8000.co.uk

sandown Park Race Course breath testing

Sandown Park Racecourse, Surrey, UK

Sandown Park Race Course for the launch of the Cannonball Run Europe

essex alcohol breath testing

Essex, UK

Car Test: Hired to test a companies employees before they left an event.